What Service Do We Provide?

At JPDesigns we take pride in the sites we produce for our clients. By providing expert knowledge, great designs and professional ongoing support we go the extra mile each and every time. Don't just take our word for it though... following are a sample of testimonials from some of our recent clients.

Great search engine optimization will only bring people to the Web site. It wont make a sale. A gorgeous Web site design that no one can find produces nothing. An easily found and beautiful Web site that is hard to understand, has very little valuable information and uses sloppy navigation will only hold the Web site visitor's attention for so long until they move on to less stressful Web sites.

JP Designs helps you stand out from the crowd! This is essential for business success, whether this is demonstrating a new product, presenting a concept, or simply a creative way to flow through your portfolio. Flash provides the flexibility and quality to create a unique presentation that truly reflects your company's image and communicates your message cleverly and effectively. JP Designs offers the full range of services to create a compelling and engaging presentation. Great motion graphics and conceptual illustration supported make a well structured presentation highly effective.

We will give you the three things that will make your web site top notch. We believe and we are passionate about these three things and we will deliver them to you, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Your site will have Usability,

Your site will be Searchable,

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Your site will have the Aesthetics.

JP Designs creates Children's educational and coloring books. Using the top of the Line Adobe Pro Acrobat Extended, we are able to make any type of PDF presentation for your company. Please see some examples below.





JP Designs creates eye-catching logos to portray your business’ unique identity! We formulate logos using creative typography, graphical elements or illustration. Every individual client will receive our undivided attention as we work with you to determine what will generate the most interest and excitement for your business. Once our concept becomes a graphical reality, you will wonder how you ever did business without us!


Retro Web Designs

When we think of old or vintage, we automatically relate it to something that is cracked, dry and ready to drop. But something old can be beautiful. Just look at the retro-themed websites that we are featuring in this post and you will surely agree with us on this one. The use of retro look in web design continues to be a favorite among some designers and is expected to further expand in 2010 as designers find more and more ways to honor vintage art.

Retro Web Designs make use of design elements like old-fashioned motifs, personalities from the past, trends and objects that had part of people’s lives in the past. That is why retro style is effective not just because they stand out but also because they appeal to people’s emotions, which is good in terms of winning the heart of your target audience.  In marketing or product branding, the retro style tends to communicate the message via the emotions since the use of retro design elements creates nostalgic feelings and  awaken the emotions of your target audience or market.