Love Birds
Father and Son
Northern Lights

Esther Weinapple

Modesto, CA - United States

Esther Weinapple

Esther Weinapple - Fine Artist





I'm a self-taught artist and I began drawing when I was very young. My mother was an artist and she was the one who inspired me. I would spend hours drawing everything of interest and soon art became my passion. In collage I majored in art taking drawing and painting classes and later attended the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.Today I teach art to school age students and young adults. Many of my inspirations come from nature and from the Old Masters like van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Dali. A lot of my artwork is also influenced by Japanese Art. I started illustrating children books and portrait painting of animals and people, which I really enjoy doing. The challenge for me is finding the time to do my art. Someone said, to do something that you really love is not working a day in your life and I have been fortunate to do that.


Email:: estherw7@yahoo.com

Home Phone:: (209)-551-2027 

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